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Obtain your Bbio certificate
with the Thermal Engineering Office OXIVI

The OXIVI agency assists you in your building construction or extension project and provides you with the necessary Bbio certificate when the building permit is filed.

Conception bioclimatique - Maison passive

Benefit from personalised support to obtain the Bbio rt2012 certificate.

When applying for a building permit in the town hall, the project owner must provide the required Bbio certificate to prove that the RT 2012 has been taken into account in the construction project.

The Bbio certificate guarantees a bioclimatic design as well as a reflection on energy solutions, particularly on renewable energies following the feasibility study of energy supplies.

The OXIVI thermal engineering office will assist you in the procedures to obtain this certificate to enable you to start your construction project with peace of mind.

Details of the Bbio certificate for the building permit

The minimum energy efficiency is expressed by the Bbio coefficient (the bioclimatic needs of the building), which takes the place of the Ubat of the RT 2005.

The purpose of this coefficient is to evaluate the energy needs of a building in :

  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Artificial lighting

The coefficient thus stipulates an optimal bioclimatic construction of a building. To achieve this, it takes into consideration various elements, including the geographical location, orientation and position of glass openings and the comfort of residents.

The OXIVI thermal engineering office will take care of your request to obtain the Bbio certificate, which is essential for filing a building permit. To do so, do not hesitate to ask your service provider for a free and personalised quote.

Conception bioclimatique - OXIVI
Conception bioclimatique - Bbio - OXIVI

What is a bioclimatic design?

The bioclimatic design of a building allows to take full advantage of its construction. The aim is to achieve the most natural ambient comfort possible by limiting the technical systems (heating, air conditioning, etc.) as much as possible. To achieve this, the building is adapted to its environment as a whole, namely :
  • The main living rooms are south-facing to capture the heat for as long as possible.
  • We store the solar contributions thanks to the thermal inertia.
  • We choose our land close to our workplace and children’s schools and we build it far from potential sources of pollution: airport, sewage treatment plant, train station…
  • We also think about its installation according to the climate and exposure to winds.
Bioclimatism is therefore part of an environmentally friendly approach.

For more information on the procedures in place to obtain the Bbio certificate, do not hesitate to contact the OXIVI thermal engineering office on