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Attestation Bbio - Prise en compte de la RT2012 - Energie renouvelable
rt2012 certificates: 2 key steps

rt2012 certificates: 2 key steps The taking into account of the RT2012 in a construction project is verified by 2 documents established at 2 key stages of your project. 1. The Bbio certificate The Building Permit (PC) is a planning permission. It concerns new constructions with a floor area or

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End of RT 2012 work

End of RT 2012 work 1. ECD, Energy Performance Diagnosis The ECD is an assessment of the energy consumption as well as the greenhouse gas emission rate of a dwelling. It also includes recommendations on the management of the building and its equipment or advice on works. The objective of

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VGAI - Valeurs Guides de l'Air Intérieur - Polluants (toluène, formaldéhyde, monoxyde de arbone, benzène, naphtalène, dioxyde d'azote, acroléine, acétyldéhyde...)
What are Air Quality Guidelines Values (AGGVs)?

What are Air Quality Guidelines Values (AGGVs)? Air pollutants affect the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of our buildings and in particular the physical health of their occupants. Because they are invisible, their health effects are not directly measurable. In fact, pollutants in the air can cause a simple discomfort: eye

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RT2012 - Optimisation de l'éclairage naturel et réduction de la consommation énergétique
The 3 requirements of the RT2012: Bbio, Cep & Tic

The 3 requirements of the RT2012: Bbio, Cep & Tic The Th-B-C-E 2012 calculation method is the regulatory calculation provided for in the Thermal Regulation 2012 (RT2012). It uses all the elements that characterize the building as well as its equipment, the climatic data and those relating to the occupation

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RT2012 - A quels bâtiments s'applique la réglementation thermique 2012
RT2012: to which buildings does it apply?

RT2012: to which buildings does it apply? The Thermal Regulations 2012, or RT 2012, apply to all new building permits filed since 01/01/2013 but there are specificities! 1. Buildings concerned by the RT2012 The Thermal Regulations 2012 (RT 2012) concern all types of projects related to the construction of part

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Why do depolluting plants not depollute!

Why do depolluting plants not depollute! We love plants. We love them! If they could help clean up our indoor air, it would be the icing on the cake! But what about them? Because it’s true that we read as much about their purifying effect as about their inefficiency in

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Matériau biosourcé - La paille
Bio-sourced materials: an ecological alternative

bio-sourced materials: an ecological alternative The building sector is particularly energy-intensive! It alone accounts for 45% of the final energy consumed in France and produces 27% of greenhouse gas emissions (Ademe). Energy and environmental renovation is therefore at the heart of the challenges facing our societies. However, in order to

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