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The mandatory energy audit of companies & co-ownerships with OXIVI

The OXIVI thermal engineering office assists you in the elaboration of your compulsory energy balance in order to evaluate the energy consumption of the condominiums and to consider its reduction.

Mandatory tertiary energy audit - OXIVI - Article L233-1 of the energy code

Mandatory energy audit for large companies

Large companies with more than 250 employees are obliged to carry out an energy audit in order to implement a concrete energy efficiency strategy for their activities.

Provided for by the European directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency, then set by the law n°2013-619 of July 16, 2013 on various provisions of adaptation to European Union law in the field of sustainable development.

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An energy audit can lead to savings of up to 30%.


Since 05/12/2015, all large companies must be able to justify :

  • Either to have carried out an energy audit less than 4 years ago according to the requirements of the NF EN 16247 standards and covering at least 80% of the energy bills.
  • Or to be ISO 50 001 certified on at least 80% of energy bills.

What if my ISO 50001 certification is no longer valid?

This means that your company is no longer compliant. To be compliant, you will need to have an energy audit performed within 6 months.

Energy audit and data collection platform

According to Article L233-1 of the French Energy Code, legal entities subject to the energy audit obligation must transmit electronically (support.audit-energie@ademe.fr) the information relating to the implementation of the obligation defined by the Order of May 20, 2016 (amended by the Order of November 15, 2018).

Parts to be provided

Certification(s) ISO 50001
  • List of the company’s active establishments at the time of the audit
  • Certificate(s) ISO 50001
  • Justification of the scope & sampling procedure
  • Optional: global summary of the audit, ISO 14001 certificate(s)
Realization of energy audit(s)
  • List of the company’s active establishments at the time of the audit
  • Energy audit report(s)
  • Overall summary of the audit
  • Justification of the scope & sampling procedure

The Energy Performance Diagnostic (ECD) is mandatory for condominiums with less than 50 lots

The energy balance is mandatory for condominiums equipped with a collective heating or cooling system.The energy audit makes it possible, within this framework, to evaluate the annual energy consumption of the building with a view to improving its energy performance.

The nature of the energy balance varies according to the number of lots owned by the condominium.

  • Below 50 lots, an Energy Performance Diagnosis (ECD) must be carried out.
  • From 51 lots, an energy audit is carried out if the building permit was filed before 01/06/2001.

The OXIVI thermal and energy engineering office is in charge of carrying out the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE) for buildings and housing within the framework of the thermal regulation RT2012.

Le Diagnostic de Performance Énergétique (DPE) pour les copropriétés
L’audit énergétique de copropriété de plus de 50 lots - OXIVI

Mandatory energy audit of condominiums with more than 50 lots

Our thermal design office offers energy audits carried out by experienced and qualified thermal engineers. Each energy audit includes :

  • The characteristics of the common and private areas
  • Occupant survey
  • Visiting a representative sample of the housing units
  • Estimated annual energy consumption for each category of collective equipment as well as the amounts of the corresponding annual expenses.
  • The mention of the energy rating of the co-ownership
  • The mention of the greenhouse gas emissions ranking
  • Our recommendations to optimize the energy performance of the building
  • Work proposals
  • A summary report for co-owners

For more information on the energy audit service, please contact the OXIVI thermal study firm at +33 (0) You can also request a free quote for your energy audit.