Thermal and energy engineering office

Research office expert in energy efficiency

The OXIVI thermal engineering office helps you to make energy savings
and to choose the most sustainable solutions adapted to your project

The thermal study RT 2012 isbased on the plans of your project as well as your use of the building to analyze heat gains and losses.

The energy audit makesit possible to estimate the annual consumption of a building with a view to improving its energy performance.

The Bbio certificate is required when filing the building permit. It certifies that the RT 2012 has been taken into account.

The certificate of compliance RT 2012, attached to the DAACT, certifies that the work undertaken as part of the construction project complies with the RT 2012.

An energy supply feasibility study makes it possible to evaluate the most efficient systems in a building according to energy, environmental and economic criteria.

A study of sunshine and FLJ is a tool to help control the contribution of natural and artificial light.

For more information on the services offered in terms of energy efficiency, do not hesitate to contact OXIVI at + 33 (0)