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Carry out your energy supply feasibility study with OXIVI

OXIVI’s thermal and energy engineering office presents you different energy solutions and offers you several possibilities with figures.

Feasibility study in RT2012

Feasibility study in RT2012

Since 01/01/2014, the decree n°2013-979 implies a mandatory technical and economic feasibility study of energy supply solutions for any new building before the filing of the building permit.

This decree excludes :

  • Buildings with a floor area of less than 50m².
  • Single-family or semi-detached houses (RT 2012 stipulating the mandatory use of renewable energy)
  • Extensions of existing buildings

OXIVI, a thermal and energy office offers you the benefit of its expertise in thermal audit and renewable energy exploitation.

Benefit from personalized assistance for your feasibility study

In order to help you to file your building permit, OXIVI accompanies you in the elaboration of the feasibility study in order to guarantee the respect of the thermal regulation RT2012.

To do so, the OXIVI office’s thermal engineers provide your project owner with the necessary indications concerning energy saving solutions.

The study focuses on the economic feasibility of energy supply equipment, including heating, ventilation, hot water production and cooling.

Renewable energy feasibility study

For more information on the energy supply feasibility study, do not hesitate to contact OXIVI the thermal engineering office at +33(0)