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Carry out your indoor air quality diagnosis with OXIVI

The OXIVI thermal and indoor air quality (IAQ) research department carries out the air quality diagnostics of your commercial or residential buildings.

OXIVI, thermal design office and indoor air quality (IAQ)

“IAQ monitoring in certain public-access building (ERP) (articles L. 221-8 and R. 221-30 et seq. of the Environment Code) is made mandatory”.

Poor indoor air quality can lead to the emergence of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, or in more pronounced cases, allergic or asthmatic symptoms.

The IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) diagnosis allows to evaluate the indoor environment of the occupants of a building (aeraulic network, sources of pollution, etc) and to rule on the general state of the indoor air quality.

Within the framework of IAQ monitoring, public-access buildings (nursery schools, middle schools, high schools, etc.) must imperatively carry out :

  • The evaluation of means of aeration and ventilation
  • A self-assessment of IAQ OR have a campaign of pollutant measurements carried out.

Indoor air quality diagnosis in detail

OXIVI is your privileged partner to start all types of construction projects in the communes of Colombes, Saint-Denis or Argenteuil. With two laboratories for the analysis of samples of polluting agents, the OXIVI office offers you a complete IAQ diagnosis from the evaluation of the aeraulic network to the implementation of good practices and post-diagnosis communication including :

  • The evaluation of the methods of aeration and ventilation
  • Air flow and pressure measurements
  • Assessment of behavioural practices
  • Measurements of physico-chemical and microbiological agents (CO2, formaldehyde, etc.)
  • Verification of pollution sources
  • The implementation of good practices
  • The implementation of an IAQ prevention action plan

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