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Opt for the IAQ Simulation Study

The OXIVI thermal design office is at the disposal of its customers to carry out their air quality simulation studies, in accordance with the standard in force,
and to guarantee you an optimal air quality!

Simulation de la QAI

Discover the different advantages of IAQ simulation studies

In order to guarantee you an optimal air quality, OXIVI carries out all your indoor air quality simulation studies, by choosing different scenarios according to several criteria :

  • The choice of materials with lower pollutant emissions (glue, paint, etc.)
  • The dimensioning of the ventilation system (single flow, double flow, airflow, etc)
  • Occupancy of the building (kitchen, number of people, etc.)
  • Outdoor pollution (road traffic)

This thermal design office offers you the air quality simulation study, which can be carried out from the design phase or during renovation.

Thus, carried out in INDALO, the IAQ simulation study leads to the publication of a report including the concentrations of pollutants present in the air such as :

  • 650 VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Fine particles
  • Ozone
  • Nitrogen oxides.

In addition, this study considers:

  • Sources of pollutant emissions
  • Aeraulic transfers
  • Photochemical interactions
  • Interactions between surfaces and pollutants.
Simulation de la qualité de l'air intérieur (QAI) - Indalo

Carry out your air quality simulation study with OXIVI

In order to provide you with quality work, OXIVI suggests to its customers an air quality simulation study, adapted to any type of building, whether it is a school, a home, an office or even other establishments.

Based on an expertise in energy and indoor air quality, the study proposed by your thermal design office will enable you to optimize your indoor air quality while being advised on how to limit your energy consumption.

For more information on the air quality simulation study, do not hesitate to contact OXIVI at