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A solution for the study of electrical installation dimensioning with OXIVI

OXIVI is your specialist in building energy efficiency and indoor air quality improvement. The company takes charge of your sizing projects for heating, domestic hot water and ventilation equipment.

Sizing of thermal installation with OXIVI

Dimensioning of thermal installation with OXIVI

The sizing study allows to determine the characteristics of a heating or ventilation installation in order to meet pre-established criteria while complying with the thermal regulation RT 2012.

The engineers of the OXIVI thermal design office are all experts in their fields. Their dimensioning studies will allow you to choose the most efficient solutions according to your budget.

They intervene in the Somme and its surroundings, particularly in the communes of Amiens and Lille, in order to efficiently promote the operation and energy performance of your building and to considerably limit heat loss.

Benefit from an efficient solution for sizing your heating and cooling equipment

OXIVI is indeed your privileged interlocutor for the realization of your thermal studies in Amiens including your dimensioning projects:

  • Electrical
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning solutions
  • Renewable energies
  • The building envelope made of bio-based materials

Your thermal engineering office undertakes to send you a free and detailed estimate to dimension the heating system (gas boiler, condensing boiler, etc.), hot water production and air conditioning of your building.

Dimensionnement d'équipements de chauffage et de refroidissement

For more information on the solution of dimensioning study, do not hesitate to contact OXIVI at +33 (0) The firm also offers you a detailed and free estimate.