Thermal studies office

Take advantage of the sunshine study solution proposed by OXIVI

The OXIVI thermal and energy engineering office helps you to optimize your construction or renovation project by finding the ideal exhibition of your building.

OXIVI sunshine loss study - Energy consumption gain - Greenhouse gas reduction

Comfort in summer as in winter!

With a well oriented building, you will naturally benefit from a supply of heat and light all year round! In addition to summer and winter comfort, you will also save on your energy consumption while limiting the environmental impact of your building (greenhouse gas emissions).

Your sunshine study with OXIVI

The sunshine study allows the measurement of natural light contributions from the position of the sun and the simulation of shadows projected on the building.

The OXIVI thermal engineering office accompanies you in your construction projects and your elevation work by modeling your property and neighboring buildings to assess its sunshine.

Indeed, the firm has the essential computer tools to simulate the relief, constructions, or infrastructures that can reduce the sunshine of your property.

Étude d'ensoleillement

A study of sunlight loss adapted to your needs

Do you think you are a victim of a loss of sunshine? OXIVI’s experts carefully study each area of your property in order to calculate its sunshine.

They draw up a detailed report of all the elements that can cause a loss of sunshine in your home, building or business premises in order to guarantee you optimal energy comfort and a considerable reduction in your energy consumption.

For more information on the sunshine study, do not hesitate to contact your OXIVI thermal engineering office at +33 (0)