Thermal engineering office & indoor air quality
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Millions of people die each year due to pollution.

OXIVI, thermal engineering office specialized in indoor air quality

Founded by Sélia Bouyehia, OXIVI is a thermal and indoor air quality (IAQ) engineering office specializing in energy efficiency in buildings and improving indoor air quality. Composed of thermal engineers, the OXIVI team supports its customers from the design of construction & renovation projects.

Reduce the environmental impact of your new & existing buildings

OXIVI offers advice and technical & energy studies during the construction or renovation of your building.

Our thermal engineers accompany you beyond the regulatory thermal and energy studies of the RT 2012 to help you save energy and choose the most efficient systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning…) & durable materials adapted to your project.

Our software is recognized as favourable by the CSTB for the method of regulatory calculations in RT2012.

Environmental quality: healthy & ecological design

Building and renovating without taking into account the health and environmental impact, at OXIVI, it doesn’t make sense. To guarantee you better air quality in your building, we assist you in the choice of renewable energy, ventilation design and the choice of your materials (bio-sourced or not).

OXIVI uses the first indoor air quality simulation software.

Thermal and energetic studies rt2012

OXIVI has at heart to offer you services related to the reduction of your energy consumption while integrating environmental criteria in all the sentences of your projects and through various studies:

thermal study, feasibility study , IAQ study

Bbio Attestation
for building permit

Do you need a Bbio certificate for the filing of your building permit? Call the OXIVI office, your privileged contact specialized in thermal and energy studies.

Feasibility study
of renewable energy supply

OXIVI is at your side for the realization of your feasibility study in energy supply for your private or professional buildings.

(heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

OXIVI accompanies you in all your construction work through a service of dimensioning the power of your heating, air conditioning and ventilation system.

Indoor air quality

Good indoor air quality management can reduce your exposure to pollutants and therefore improve your well-being.
and your health.

Indoor air quality diagnosis

nurseries, kindergartens, offices...

OXIVI helps you implement an IAQ management policy from the design phase of the construction project
until the operation of the building.

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